Fisherman's Soap

Fisherman's Soap

  • 799

The Longer you use this bar the more it masks human scent which means more, bigger fish for you. We recommend showering with it before fishing, wash your hands with it before baiting your hook & keep a bar in your tackle box. According to Anglers Atlas fish can smell. Think about this the next time you head out on your fishing trip... you bring along food, insect repellant, drinks, and maybe even cigarettes. All these have scents that let the fish know you are around, thus keeping them at bay. But with our specially formulated soap, the fish can't resist the smell. Once filleting your fish, remove fish odors from your hands by washing with this bar. Also a favorite known as sambuca, This bar removes all kinds of odors like gas, diesel fuel, onions, garlic, etc. Hunter? This removes the human scent so wildlife cannot smell you coming! (Essential Oil)

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